Thursday, March 5, 2009

Best Urban Fantasy Authors

I thought I'd post a list of the best of the best in Urban Fantasy. So, here it is:

Holly Black
Rachel Caine
Dakota Cassidy
Karen Chance
Kim Harrison
Richelle Mead
Stephanie Meyer
Karen Marie Moning
Justine Musk
Adrian Phoenix
Jennifer Rardin
Rob Thurman

What makes a good book or series?

First, the characters have to be believeable even if they're demons (or whatever supernatural creature you're into). They have to have flaws, not all good or all bad. The reader should be able to love them or hate them, but not feel apathetic toward them.

Second, there has to be angst. Life does not run smoothly, and it shouldn't for them.

Third, there absolutely has to be a solid story. Characters floundering around looking for love just don't do it. There has to be more to it than that. A starting point, a quandry, a series of choices and a satisfying conclusion. (Even if it ends with disaster.)

Fourth, humor. If you can't laugh when the shit hits the fan, you're not worth knowing. Sorry.

Fifth, love. It doesn't need to be hot, detailed sex. In fact, sometimes that just ruins it. Just give me attachments to friends, to family, to that special person and all the messy garbage that goes along with it.

Sixth, choices. Not good/bad choices necessarily - because those are easy. I'm talking the bad vs. equally-bad-but-in-a different-way choice. How a person chooses to move through life is important and when faced with two totally crap choices. Which one you choose shows your character.

Seventh, a rich, full, believeable world. If you have the best character in the world, but they're living in a one-dimensional universe that's not carefully and thoughtfully laid out, it just won't work.

Eighth, adventure. It doesn't have to be knock-down, drag-out violent chaos, but certainly there should be some excitement, some question as to whether things are going to work out in the end or end up totally f*cked up. It shouldn't be a given that everything will be peachy or you might as well just pick up the book and read the last page.