Sunday, November 4, 2012

...Can you hear the crickets??.....

Can you hear the crickets??....

Life got away from me again.

It's actually kind of amazing that I'm sitting here typing a blog. My world did another 180 and knocked me on my ass for a while. Why? Well, it became apparent that kiddo was not managing himself at college. We went to visit him for parents weekend and ... well, he was ... He'd stopped taking his meds. He wasn't showering. He wasn't brushing his teeth. He hadn't done his laundry once. He was dirty, smelly (as was his room) and he'd lost about 40 lbs. He wasn't eating. He wasn't sleeping. He was failing all his classes.

It took one week - one week where I don't think I slept - until I convinced him to see his psychologist. It took the psychologist one visit (granted it lasted 3 hours) to decide we needed to convince him he needed to withdraw. It ended up taking very little convincing. He knew he was in trouble.

He's been home for about ten days. He's gained back about 5 lbs. He's been eating and sleeping and not much else.

Obviously, I've been a little preoccupied and distracted. My opportunities to read have been limited. My opportunities to blog? Nonexistent.

Things are easing up. We've all accepted that he cannot live on his own, at least not now. Nor can he manage college class loads without a lot of help. My empty nest is full again. I am drained.

I've learned one thing from my crazy life - when things go to shit (and they usually do), you suck it up and keep on moving.

And that, people, is more than enough emo drama for today.