Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why I Read....

So, why do I read 3-5 books a week? What could possibly be the reason for my need for escapism? I give you a typical day in the life of a mom dealing with a 14 yr. old with Aspergers...

me: (having listened to my son express his absolute need for a touchscreen laptop daily for months now) Hey, check out CNet. They have a list of netbook touchscreens.
J: Theres no such thing.
me: Yes there is, right here. These touchscreens are netbooks.
J: They don't make netbooks touchscreen mom. (Tone is 'you're so fucking stupid')
me: Look. Asus eee netbook touchscreen (I list two others)
J: Those aren't touchscreens
me: Yes, they are.
J: (looks) Those aren't netbooks.
me: Yes they are. Listen to the description.
J: You dont know anything. You're wrong.
me: I'm pretty sure I'm not wrong. Its all right there.
J: Mom, they don't make them.
me: I'm looking at them right now. Look. (Again, showing him the computers.)
J: You're wrong. Those aren't netbooks.
me: J, it says right there they are. Its reviewing them.
J: You know you're really annoying sometimes. You ought to learn how to explain yourself better. I know that eee is making a touchscreen.
me: What are you talking about? I explained myself perfectly.
J: No you didn't. You were trying to tell me that there are netbooks that are touchscreens.
me: This is a netbook and a touchscreen.
J: No its not.
(Need I continue??? I think not. This is my life!

Give me books any day.

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