Monday, April 26, 2010

10 New Urban Fantasy Authors to read...

In keeping with my last post (because there really are so many unknown or unenthusiastically promoted authors out there), I decided to do a 2nd list of newer authors. I've left off authors mentioned in my last post (so be sure to scan that too). And without further ado....

1. D.D. Barant - "Dying Bites" & "Death Blows" (Bloodhound Files series) Interesting story where humans are the minority. I'm not a fan of parallel dimensions, but this was interesting, well written & had clever dialogue.

2. Sonya Bateman - "Master of None". Story of Gavyn, an unlucky thief who ends up with Ian, a djinn. Gavyn stole something & lost it, now the bad guy wants it back (and wants Gavyn dead to boot).

3. Amber Benson - "Death's Daughter" & "Cat's Claw". Hey, she was Tara on Buffy! lol. I loved this story - it's at points funny, serious and just plain enjoyable.

4. Brom - "The Child Thief". Holy cow was this a spectacularly dark story. Its based on Peter Pan, but Brom puts a spin on it that will chill you and leave you amazed at the brilliance of it.

5. Harry Connolly - "Child of Fire". This is a great first book with the second coming out in August. The main character is a recruited criminal, his partner a punkish bad-ass. I can't read to read the next one.

6. Carolyn Crane - "Mind Games". A diabolically good story about Justine, a hypochondriac who is recruited by a secret organization to reform criminals thru her very illness. I thought I would hate it based on the premise. Instead, I found it one of the best books I've read in a long time.

7. Jennifer Estep - "Spider's Bite: An Elemental Assassin". Another fantastic new author. The main character is an assassin known as the spider. She is a cold-blooded, sociopathic killer - except when it comes to the people she loves. Lots of action, great characters and an amazing story.

8. Kelly Gay - "Better Part of Darkness". This is a good solid story revolving around Charlie, a mom & cop. I liked it.

9. Nancy Haddock - "La Vida Vampire" & "Last Vampire Standing". Enjoyable series about Cesca, a vampire princess, who has been rescued after being buried for hundreds of years. I'm currently reading the 2nd book & enjoying it. Love her hot boyfriend. Yum.

10. Julie Kagawa "The Iron King" (young adult). Meghan is a girl just trying to get thru live. She's totally forgettable - or so she thinks - until she discovers that faeries exist & she is one. Great story. Very interesting.

11. Kelly Meding - "Three Days to Dead" Evangeline is a hunter who was killed & then resurrected by her handler. Only she didn't end up in her body. She's got three days to figure out who killed her & why. This is an awesome story of love, loss and hope. Amazing.

12. Chloe Neill - "Some Girls Bite" & "Friday Night Bites" (Chicagoland Vampires series). I love love love this series. Merit is attacked & in an effort to save her life, a vampire leader turns her without her permission. Turns out she's a kick-ass newbie vampire. Oh, and man is the head vamp sizzling & infuriating. This is a must read.

13. Maggie Stiefvater "Lament" & "Ballad" A young adult series about faeries. The main character is a girl who is a musician who suffers severe stage fright. Just a great read.
"Shiver" & "Linger" (I happened to get an ARC of Linger, so I'm including it tho its not out yet). A tale of a girl and a werewolf. Its a very unique take on the whole myth. This story is heart wrenching & if you're a crier, make sure you have tissues with you at all times. I loved it because I just love angst. I couldn't even read another book for 2 days after finishing it, because I kept thinking about the story (its truly amazing).

14. Mark Teppo. "Lightbreaker" & "Heartland". This is a very solid story about mages (and no, most of them are not nice guys!). Lots of action. I haven't read the 2nd book yet (its in my TBR stack), but I'm looking forward to it.

15. Jaye Wells. "Red-Headed Stepchild" & "The Mage in Black". You won't think all grandmothers are nice after this story. Sabina is a mage/vampire who is raised among the vampires. I loved it.

16. S.L. Wright "Confessions of a Demon". This is an interesting story of a woman who attempted to help someone only to find herself taken over by a demon. Other demons are gravitating toward her because of her new, vulnerable power (they want to consume it). Definitely worth a read.

and last, but not least...
17. Skyler White - "And Falling, Fly". I honestly loved this book. I have to say there were points I got mad because it felt too philosophical & I felt like I was being lectured or talked down to. But I could NOT put it down. If you like Clive Barker type stories, this is probably one you'll enjoy. I'll definitely read the sequel.

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