Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Take Back My Life Campaign

Today I began my "Take Back My Life Campaign version 42.0"

The 42.0 stands for the amount of weight I need to lose to be where I ought to be.

You know, they warn you when you have kids that shedding the pregnancy weight is the hard part. Thing is, I gained all of 8 lbs. when I was pregnant & weighed less after the birth than when I started. My weight has all been gained in the years since. It started with the "terrible twos" when I started nibbling food from my son's plate in order to get him to eat (he had major food issues). And it continued with the stress of raising a child with special needs. Fast, unhealthy meals between therapist appts. & doctor's appts. & school & more therapists....followed by early onset menopause & underactive thyroid & non-existent vitamin D levels (get your vitamin D checked people!!) & what-the-fuck-ever else could go wrong....

I'm a fucking blimp.

So, I have 42 lbs. to lose. Today, I walked the high-school track - 1 1/2 miles in half an hour & I only had to blast my inhaler twice. Woot. My goal (other than not to look like the pillsbury dough girl) - at least 20 lbs by Sept. Go me. pfft.

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