Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh Holy Crap - A Freak Out Moment!!!!

I'm sitting here monitoring the news, cause OH HOLY SHIT a tornado touched down in Springfield, MA & it's now around East Douglas heading toward Franklin and past that --- well, FUCK -- we're right in the path of this badass storm. The National Weather Center keeps interrupting our television with a SEEK FUCKING SHELTER message. The local news is telling us to turn up the tv really loud and get in the basement!!


I can hear the thunder, the sky is yellowish gray & I'm about to head for the basement with the kid, the dog and my phones. This is BIZARRE!

11:32pm Update....We are safe & sound with just some small branches snapped off our very old elm tree. The sky got very yellow (if you've never seen it do that - its eerie), then very black & it was like early evening from 5pm on. We didn't see a twister, but we got one doozy of a thunderstorm. The lightning was spectacular. The wind was wild. We could actually see the cloud-to-cloud bolts, the sky lit up brighter than day, and there were points where there were as many as 5-6 cloud-to-ground bolts visible all at the same time. We were very very lucky.

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