Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hello? Is anyone still out there?? lol

I'm alive.

Well, I'm functioning.



So, I've had a busy few months. Let's see. Kiddo applied to a different college where he can study computer engineering AND electrical engineering, and was accepted. He'll be living on campus which is huge since he's never spent a night away from home. We also weaned him off a med that wasn't working anymore, which means he's much MUCH more aspie than he was. It's a good thing, although it makes things tougher for me. Perseveration is a challenge.

My dad gave us a hell of a scare. He's still having some trouble, but we're hopeful the doctors will figure out what's going on and its (any more/so far) not life threatening.

What that meant, tho, is I've barely touched my computer. I've been multitasking a new roof, new windows, new flooring, kiddo's college stuff, shopping for dorm shit, etc. and in order to stay sane reading is fundamental. Blogging, well...not so much.

That being said, I did A LOT of reading in the last couple of months, and here's the list:

April – 12 Books

Blood on the Bayou by Stacey Jay ***** Loved it! 
Magic Without Mercy by Devon Monk ***** Loved it!
Forgiven by Jana Oliver **** The two characters in this drive me nuts because they refuse to see how important they are to each other...loved it.
Burned by J.F. Lewis **** How can you not love Eric? Come on.
Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson - my personal hero. When I'm feeling that monster called depression tearing through my brain, she makes me laugh and reminds me that I can stomp him down.
To Walk the Night by E.S. Moore *** Good first book. Definitely will read more.
Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James ***** Loved it (yeah, yeah, I know)
Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James ***** Loved it (see above)
Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James **** Didn't love it as much. It was still good, but it was a lot of repetitive shit. Still happy to see the HEA.
Kindling the Moon by Jenn Bennett **** Loved it.
Summoning the Night by Jenn Bennett **** Love Jupe and Lon and Cady. Such interesting characters -- and unique.
Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig ****** Okay, this book was the ultimate of the month. Maybe of the year. I cannot recommend it enough. Buy it. Buy copies for friends and family (you're gonna wanna keep yours). Make sure you have time to read it uninterrupted (cause its that kind of book).

May - 17 Books

Tricked by Kevin Hearne *** I like this series. I love Atticus and most of the characters. But Oberon pisses me off. :(
Derik’s Bane by MaryJanice Davidson *** A light and entertaining read.
A Little Night Magic by Lucy March ***** This was really good. Definitely worth reading. You won't regret it.
Stone’s Kiss by Lisa Blackwood ** So begins my e-reading binge. This was okay, but not my favorite. It just had some flaws I couldn't ignore. And then again, it might have been my stress level.
Serengeti Heat: Serengeti Shifters 1 by Vivi Andrews *** I like these. They're short and formatic, but entertaining.
Serengeti Storm: Serengeti Shifters 2 by Vivi Andrews *** See above.
Serengeti Lightning: Serengeti Shifters 3 by Vivi Andrews *** Again, see above.
Leopard Moon by Jeanette Battista *** This was pretty good. I'll definitely read sequels.
Neon Chaos by Karen Erikson ** I wasn't a fan of this one, but it was me, not the author.
Home: Downside Ghosts novella by Stacia Kane ***** LOVE!
Guardian: Creepy Hollow 1 by Rachel Morgan *** I liked this one enough to buy the sequel.
Along Came a Demon: Whisperings 1 by Linda Welch *** Again, will be reading sequel.
Shotgun Gravy by Chuck Wendig **** Much too short, Chuck. 
Tab Bennett and the Inbetween by Jes Young **** Loved this one. I want it in paperback for my shelves.
Never Cry Werewolf by Heather Davis *** Liked.
Love is Darkness by Carolyn Hanson **** This was very good. Already bought sequel.
Taken by Storm by Jennifer Lynn Barnes ****** This is maybe my favorite teen series. I love it. This one devastated me and was so fantastic. (I actually might have cried...but I'm not admitting it.) Really, I've got this series in hardcover & on my e-reader. It's that good.

So that's it. Two months. 29 books. This month, I've managed 2 books so far. That's really sad.

However, I want to send out a special thank you to Tyrus Books (@TyrusBooks on Twitter) who offered up a free book yesterday morning to anyone who responded for Friday reads. I tweeted back and am anxiously awaiting Ghost Soldiers by Keith Melton! If you're a tweeter, he's worth following. And he publishes some pretty damn awesome books (many of which I own). :D

Finally, I hereby promise that I'll do better about posting. After all, come September 4th, I'm going to be a very lonely girl.

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