Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mark del Franco

Unshapely Things, Unquiet Dreams & Unfallen Dead
by Mark del franco

I'm currently half way through the second book in this series. They take place in Boston & the main character (Connor) is a druid who has lost his powers & now works part time with a Boston detective (a human named Murdock). The author has done a great job describing the Boston area (hey, I'm from here - I'd know), while giving it a nice twist with the fey neighborhoods. The characters are believeable & well developed. The story line in both the first & second books is well thought out and enjoyable. I enjoyed the first book well enough to pick up the 2nd & 3rd before I was finished, so that I could read them in succession.
The story is told in first person from Connor's perspective.
I normally like a little more humor in my books, but hey, if I was a druid without powers, I don't know how much I'd be chuckling either. To understand what makes a book enjoyable to me, read my first post.
So, here's my scale:
Characters (1-5) = 5
Angst (1-3) = 2
Solid Story (1-5) = 5
Humor (1-3) = 1
Love (1-3) = 1
Choices (1-3) = 2
Believable World (1-5) = 4
Adventure (1-3) = 2
Grand Total (out of 30) = 22

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