Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spartacus, Bob Newhart & Drinking Games....

When I was in college, I was a party girl. Yes, I probably drank more than most guys I know - and that's not to brag. It was crazy, stupid and reckless. (And fun...but then I didn't really give a shit about college.)

So, in college we played this game called "Hi Bob". If you were a college student in the late 80's, you might know this game. Basically, we would hit the liquor store. We'd pick up bottles of hard liquor (schnapps, vodka, rum, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort - whatever was on sale) & cases of beer. One awesome roommate had one of those new-fangled VCR's (heheh). We would have "Hi Bob" parties & watch episodes of The Bob Newhart Show, which was a fairly popular sitcom starring Bob Newhart. The rules of the game were simple. If a character said the name "Bob" you had to drink a shot of beer. If someone said "Hi Bob" you had to drink a shot of hard liquor. Let me say this - every time Bob showed up in a scene the Hi Bob's flew. It was a quick & effective way to get drunk. (Alternately, some people did shots of beer for "Bob" & downed an entire beer for "Hi Bob".)

Which brings me to Spartacus. It's the perfect series for the same sort of drinking game. (And I'm not advocating it - I'm just sayin' is all.) How many times in each episode is the name Spartacus used? How about "The House of Batiatus"? Or "cock"? Any one of these words could render serious drunkeness in a party game. Maybe you could do a shot when they say the word 'cock' and drink a whole beer when they show one?

Do I miss my party days? Absolutely. I even played Beer Pong with my nephew & his friends last summer. I'm happy to report that I'm still a crack shot for bouncing things off tables & into cups. (I was a deadly Quarters player), but sad to say my drinking skills now suck. Oh well, I had to grow up sometime.

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