Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zip-Line Craziness

This video, if it works, is of Bromley Mountain Resort's Zip-Line in Vt. which sails over the Alpine Slide. Its crazy fun. I am terrified TERRIFIED of heights. I can't stand on a chair without getting a little panic-y. The worst part of it was climbing the metal grate staircase. Once at the top, its not bad - and in the loading dock, you can't see anything until you're strapped into the chair and the gate bursts open. It was so amazing, I did it twice. If it hadn't been $15 a ride, I think I would have done it all day. But then I would have missed out on the alpine slide, which I love with the heart of a wanna-be racecar driver. The 3rd track (the curvy one) is the best! Wait for the person in front of you to get a good distance down & FLY. (Just remember when the cart starts to get a little hinky to let up on the speed...well, unless you really want to the track.)

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