Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another emo post....damn it.

To everyone out there that was hoping for a blog on books - that's coming. I have to get something off my chest first. It has to do with Aspergers and special education and the a$$holes that run the high school special education team at my son's high school....

** WARNING: Do not continue to read this if you're feeling all happy with the Christmas spirit and the belief in the good in people. **

To these "Team Members" - and I use that term loosely because they may function as a team, but they're not part of the team of people who want my son to have a happy life - (not that any one of them will read this blog) but I'd like to say thank you.

Thank you for taking a 15 year old kid who is struggling with Aspergers, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem and letting him know you all think he's worthless.

Thank you for pointing out to this kid who has social skills deficits that he is NOT WORTH THE EFFORT to teach him anything.

Thank you for allowing a teacher to HUMILIATE him in front of his peers and encourage the peers to participate so that he would be absolutely SURE that EVERYONE agrees with his opinion of his own failures.

Thank you for doing NOTHING about this teacher and refusing to even ACKNOWLEDGE that this negatively affected him.

Thank you for showing him that he won't EVER be accepted into "NORMAL" society.

Thank you for putting so many obstacles in our way that my 15 year old - who turns 16 in exactly 14 days - has now decided to DROP OUT OF SCHOOL.
(I guess that's better than the alternative...that he KILL himself.)

Thank you for showing my kid that GRADES DON'T MATTER ...my KID who has a 135 IQ with his disability, a straight A average, who got the highest score at your F*CKING school on the PSATs (he's 10th grade - he outscored the 11th graders).

Thank you for reminding us exactly why we pulled him from the district in the first place. (We should have kept him free of you. Shame on us for giving you a chance to get it right.)

Thank you for doing your damnedest to RUIN HIS LIFE. (And not only not giving a SH*T that you're doing it, but seeming to GET OFF ON IT.)

Here is what we say to you....

He will use the tutor you provided* and EXCEL.
*After 6 weeks of demanding our legal right to one because he's UNABLE to attend school because of his anxiety and depression over the treatment he's received from you and your refusal to help us get him placement in a smaller school that he could navigate more effectively.

He will take the SAT early (because he needs those scores to go to college) and he will EXCEL.

He will DROP OUT, take the GED and enroll in college for the spring semester (because he will be 16 and can) and he will EXCEL.

He will go to college for a double major of computer programming and Japanese and he will EXCEL.

Yes, we say FUCK YOU very much! I have never seen such blatant disregard for another person's well-being in my life. You don't get to ruin a kid's life because you're a bunch of sanctimonious, pole-up-your-asses, superior, arrogant, douchebag asswipe dickhead FUCKING pricks. I cannot even begin to tell you how much you SUCK!

(And you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I don't know how you look at yourselves in the mirror. But then again, I think you LIKE this.)

Do I feel any better after this rant? No. My kid is still FUCKED.

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