Thursday, July 21, 2011

Karen Marie Moning - Barron's POV

So there was this contest on Vampire Book Club ( ) called Alpha Showdown. Basically, they pitted various urban fantasy characters against each other and let people vote on who was more alpha. Karen Marie Moning's character, Jericho Barrons, from her Fever series won the whole kit and kaboodle. Probably because she promised a sex scene from Barrons POV if he won it all - and those of us who are huge fans of Barrons ascerbic alpha personality wanted that scene more than anything in the world.

Yes, I admit, Barrons does things to me. He is the ultimate bad boy. The guy you know you will never tame and don't really want to. The type of man who makes you forget to be a lady. Sheesh. I'm getting flushed just thinking about him -- and he's a freaking character in a book!

Ms. Moning, holding to her promise to readers, put the scene up today on her site ( ) Go. Read it. It's so much more than she promised. Because holy hell, is it hot!!!

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