Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why I Love My Husband (or I Have An Awesome New Phone!!!(


Hubs: What's up? (answering phone at 3:30pm at work yesterday)
Me:  You busy?
Hubs: Are you feeling okay?
Me: I'm good. You're not in a meeting or anything are you?
Hubs: No. What do you need?
Me: Remember how you told me that my phone was up for renewal and I said I still like my phone?
Hubs: (slowly) yeeaah...?
Me: You know how I read you that article the other day about Verizon getting rid of their unlimited data plans?
Hubs: Mmmmhmmm....
Me: Well, I was just thinking that I'm going to eventually want a smartphone, right?
Hubs: Yeah (with heavy sigh)
Me: So, today is the last day to get into the grandfather clause for the unlimited plan.
Hubs: You want a smartphone.
Me: Um, yeah. And it would be smart to get it now and get the unlimited data plan because tomorrow the price goes up and the fees are ridiculous. We'll end up paying a fortune...
Hubs: Okay. Why don't you go on their site and see what they have available for phones.
Me: Done.
Hubs: You already looked?
Me: Um...yeah.
Hubs: What phone do you want?
Me: The Sony Ericsson Xperia. It's a gaming phone.
Hubs: You don't want the iPhone?
Me: No. I like this gaming phone. I can download playstation games on it.
Hubs: Ooookay....Send me an email with the info and I'll take a look.
Me: Thanks honey. (send already prepared email)\

TWO HOURS LATER...Hubs walks in the door with my new phone.
Me: <3 <3 (those are hearts, people) *squee*

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