Monday, April 16, 2012

A Long Overdue Post (egads)

It occurs to me that I completely fail at blogging this month. Actually, blogging in the last two months has been a challenge. This is due to my inability to multi-task. I can't blog, discuss the latest technologies with anything resembling intelligence, spring clean, line up various contractors, plan college for kiddo, and play with the cat & the dog, all at the same time.

Especially the techno-discussions - they freaking kill me. And kiddo accepts nothing less than my full and complete attention when discussing them. In fact, right now we're discussing C++, Visual Basic, newbs and  oh hell, I don't fucking know.

Anyway, I never posted the books I read in February or March. (What kind of loser blogger am I?)

Here's the list. Unfortunately, I'm going to keep it simple, because I'm losing my marbles...remember, my rating system is 0-6 stars.
0 = didn't finish, didn't want to finish. This book is not for me.
* = didn't read entire book, skipped large portions, read the end. Won't read additional books.
** = read book, but may have skipped portions. Probably won't read additional books.
*** = read entire book, liked it. Will read additional books.
**** = read entire book, loved it. Will definitely read more books.
***** = fast read entire book. Loved it! Will read every book written by author.
****** = couldn't put book down. I am a fan girl for life. Will follow on social media for book news.
(Yes, I am weird. But I'm not creepy.)

February - 7
River Marked by Patricia Briggs *****
Raven Cursed by Faith Hunter *****
Wrong Side of Dead by Kelly Meding *****
Unbroken by Rachel Caine *****
Almost Everything by Tate Hallaway *****
Raven Calls by C.E. Murphy *****
A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison *****

March – 10
The Wood Queen by Karen Mahoney ****
Curses! A F***ed Up Fairy Tale by J.A. Kazimer ****
Headrush by Carolyn Crane ******
Doubletake by Rob Thurman ******
Devil’s Luck by Carolyn Crane *****
A Sliver of Shadow by Allison Pang *****
Tooth and Nail by Jennifer Safrey ****
Stargazer by Claudia Gray ****
Sacrificial Magic by Stacia Kane ******
The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton ***

So, there it is. My list. While posting this, I learned that newbs should not post on forums for experts asking why there isn't a manual for C++ when using Visual Basic, that the new Commodore 64 (yes, they are remaking them for computer geeks) can be returned for a replacement since it doesn't work, that Microsoft sucks, that Apple sucks, that Android sucks, that the dog needs to go out, that the husband needs gas for the lawnmower, that the kiddo has no underwear (how the hell did that happen?!) & that the kiddo is hungry wants me to make him a turkey sandwich with pepperjack cheese and lettuce. 

Over and out. Must go multi-task other things.

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