Monday, March 4, 2013

Is It Seriously March??

I think I entered a time warp. Damn.


I've probably lost what few people visit this blog, and am blogging to myself. That's just sad, you know? But blog I will...

I've been reading a lot. I've read some really fantastic urban fantasy books, some deliciously smutty books (don't judge me - I'm keeping myself sane), and a few bombs. Even the bombs have been an escape from my life, though, so I can't complain. I'm making a commitment to whoever is out there that I'm going to start blogging about the books, because I've discovered some really interesting authors.

My life is chaotic. Kiddo turned 18, which is scary & challenging. He's taking a couple of courses at community college (one he loves, one he's withdrawing from). I remind myself that at least this withdrawal is only $600 lost, compared to last semesters spectacular failure which cost us over $16,000. He thinks he's doing well - and he's happy with the way his life is, but from my end I'm dealing with a sullen, erratic, volatile, uncompromising dictator. Aspergers is part of it, but not all.

My beastie has been another source of stress for me. We've been back and forth to the vets since October dealing with what we thought was an injury to his leg. That led to xrays which showed the beginnings of arthritis in both his lower spine and the leg he was favoring. Over the last few months, things have progressively gotten worse. There have been tests, expensive meds, more xrays, emergency visits - which in the end has led to the diagnosis of systemic lupus. He can no longer sit at all, or stand from a lying position. The stairs require the help of a sling under his belly. For now, he's stable and not in pain, and I'm hoping with the coming of warm weather, some of his symptoms will subside. We'll see. I'm pretty emotional about it, because Leo is the smartest, sweetest dog I've ever known. And he's been my constant companion through all the shit.

I'm back to being a chauffeur, sitting in parking lots while kiddo goes to classes. On the upside, I've started writing again. It's crap, but at least its giving me a release. Writing is cathartic. Which is why I'm going to start blogging.

So for those of you who are out there, don't abandon me. I'm trying. I have so much to blog about - book-wise, that is. My personal life I'll keep to myself as much as possible.