Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to me?... :( An emo post

So how will I celebrate my birthday today? Hmmmm....

My 15 yr. old will refuse to go to school because yesterday his asshole health teacher decided it was a good day to embarrass, insult and generally bully a socially inept aspergers kid who's failing his class to make sure he KNEW that he completely fails at life & no one likes him.

I will attend a meeting with the head of guidance, the special ed teacher, the nurse, the counselor & probably as many people as the school can come up with to attempt to bully me into agreeing that this is my son's problem & not the teacher.

I will take my son to his psychologist for the 2nd time in 3 days (he went 2 days ago- and needed 2 hours with him - because he was so anxious about school & the fact that he has NO friends & feels isolated and alone and is treated "like a tool") so that the psychologist can try to undo the damage done by the teacher.

I will studiously avoid any and all phone calls from people who want to wish me a happy birthday because I might just burst into tears. (Most of them avoid us like we have the plague anyway because they don't want to lose their rose-colored glasses.)

I'll pretend that its okay that my husband didn't get me anything (my son has already informed me that they didnt) & read the stupid joke cards he buys & do my best not to cry.

I'll follow the ridiculously time-consuming, painful new method of caring for my crappy teeth (and gums (twice a day) after gum repair surgery & seriously contemplate the benefits of dentures.

Today is a seriously emo day....I wish it was over already.

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