Monday, February 28, 2011


Oh Lord, too many good books!!

Coming out tomorrow...

Demon Song by Cat Adams (SF - 2nd in series)
Daybreak Zero by John Barnes (SF - 2nd in series)
Blood and Flowers by Penny Blubaugh (YA)
Living on the Edge by Shannon K. Butcher (SF)
Accidentally Catty by Dakota Cassidy (Ro - 4th in series)
Under Wraps by Hannah Jayne (SF)
Late Eclipses by Seanan McGuire (SF - 4th in series)
Dead on Delivery by Eileen Rendahl (SF - 2nd in series)
A Hundred Words for Hate by Thomas E. Sniegoski (SF - 4th in series)
Blackout by Rob Thurman (SF - 6th in series)

Those titles in bold - well, hell I have to read them IMMEDIATELY. (singing in a stupidly ridiculous voice) Blackout is out! Blackout is out! Tomorrow Tomorrow Blackout is out! WOOOOO!

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