Friday, May 13, 2011

My Son Makes Me Proud

Every day, he makes me proud!

Today he completed his first semester of college - just 3 classes, but then the kid is 16. He's not even supposed to be in college. English? A. Math? B+. Computer? Dunno yet, but he's done his best, so I don't really care.

And all of this while we dealt with his depression and anxiety rearing their ugly heads, medication adjustments, some adults in his English class making fun of him for being a high school dropout, a computer teacher who verbally attacked him in class & has refused to provide extra help (because he doesn't understand his teaching method).

Not only did he persevere, he rose above it.

And tomorrow he begins working at a local animal shelter. He decided to volunteer so that he can help animals who have been treated as badly as him.

The kid is impressive.

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