Sunday, October 2, 2011

Books I Read This Month....coming soon (I hope)

AKA The Computer Saga...

Thankfully, I've already blogged about several of the books I read this month. Right now, I'm reading Bloodshot by Cherie Priest & loving it. It's kind of a modern-day old-vibe gumshoe vampire vs. government action book.


My computer died. Yes, the stupid piece of garbage computer (don't buy a Toshiba with the bubble-button mouse pad - they're junk) failed completely. First the left click button went, then the 'W' button went, followed by the 'R', 'T', 'F' and 'E'. I backed my data up on my external hard drive and then the computer just crashed. It wouldn't stay on. I couldn't get Firefox to work when it did stay on. It took 20 mins. to turn on and couldn't shut off without forcing it. And it was heating up to astronomically alarming temperatures. In other words, it went into it's death throws.

So, I turned the POG over to my son (the computer genius), who ran all kinds of diagnostics and said it wasn't a virus or some hacker. He suggested as a last ditch effort, we should do a fresh install, although he suspected it wouldn't help because he believed it was a bad sector on the motherboard. So, we made sure everything was backed up & he did his thing. When I attempted to reinstall all my files, bookmarks, etc., my dog (God I love the beast, but damn) decided he needed to sit on my lap. Up he hopped. Right. Onto. My. External. Drive. 55 lbs of dog vs. small plastic hard drive?? Dog wins. He broke the hard drive and IT crashed.

So, my little guru took the computer back, along with the hard drive and his own computer and hard drive, did a little magic and managed to retrieve all my crap. Only problem? They seem to have moved all over in the system. Nothing is where its supposed to be. And all my music? OMG! Everything EVERYTHING I bought since 2009 is GONE! (Oh, its still there in my files, but my Zune no longer allows access to do anything but listen to it.) In other words, I can listen, but the music isn't in my Zune folder and when I plugged in the device, it deleted everything off it too. Zune says I have to rebuy it all. 600 SONGS! LOST!

This is a long post, hunh? Long story short, I'm going to spend tomorrow baking cookies and trying to retrieve everything that I can from the various places on (1) my old computer (2) my cracked and mangled hard drive (3) my son's confusingly messed up hard drive - and put it on my brand new, shiny Dell. Yes, that's right. I went out this weekend and bought a new computer (and external hard drive).

I just hope this one is a little better made than the last one. I know its a whole lot prettier and the keyboard is more comfortable. And the damn thing has surround sound and an LED screen. (I think we're going to be best friends....)

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