Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In honor of Halloween...If I were a supernatural creature....

...I'm giving this way more thought than I should. But I'm bored, so here goes.

I wouldn't want to be a werewolf. A) they're hairy B) canines lick their own asses C) the whole shape shifting thing has to hurt and I'm not a fan of pain.

I wouldn't want to be part of the seelie court. A) they remind me of the shallow girls who made me miserable in high school only with magic B) I can't see myself running around in a long flowing dress C) I'm not into pinks and pastels D) I'm not cheerful kind of gal E) some of them are ridiculously tiny

I wouldn't want to be a ghost A) I wouldn't like being invisible to most people B) I couldn't eat pizza C) I'd be dead (although passing through walls might be fun).

I wouldn't want to be a demon A) ummmm.. evil? B) evil evil evil C) fire and hell...hello?!? evil

I wouldn't want to be an angel A) no freedom of choice B) a tough boss C) no sex

I wouldn't want to be a gargoyle A) they turn to stone during the day B) they're not very sociable C) gray doesn't look good on me.

I wouldn't want to be a mermaid, selkie or any other water creature A) I don't like deep water B) I'm more of a drowner than a swimmer C) I can't open my eyes underwater

I wouldn't want to be a zombie A) they're dead B) they're rotting C) they eat brains.

I could probably live with being a vampire (what the hell does that say about me?) Although A) the whole blood thing...euwww B) frying in sunlight would suck C) I like silver jewelry.

That could also probably find something in the unseelie court....which is filled with all kinds of scary ass creatures...as long as there was no A) blood sucking B) flesh eating C) pastel clothing.

After thinking about it (way too long and hard), I guess I'd like being a witch or magic wielder. I also wouldn't mind being a magical shape shifter (I do have a little native american blood). A kitsune would be okay. Or maybe a coyote.

And yes, this year for Halloween I will be giving out candy in a witch costume :D

So what would you choose to be?

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