Monday, October 10, 2011

Soul Thief by Jana Oliver

I just finished reading Soul Thief by Jana Oliver. It's the sequel to The Demon Trapper's Daughter. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy this series. And I give the book 5 stars.

Riley Blackthorne is a demon trapper, just like her father. She's seventeen years old and lives in Atlanta - a very unique Atlanta where the world has gone to shit and demons run rampant. The trappers work to keep the balance. Riley is the first female trapper and most of the other trappers aren't happy about that. Denver Beck is a journeyman trapper - trained by Riley's father. He has issues. He and Riley don't get along - mainly because Riley had a crush on him and he stomped on her feelings. Something is afoot in Atlanta. Demons aren't behaving like they're supposed to. And for some reason, Riley seems to be the centerpoint for whatever is going on between heaven and hell. But she and Beck are going to have to work together to figure it out and they can't even be in the same room together without fighting.

I've read a lot of reviews of these books. People either love them or hate them. I'm on the loving side. I think the world that Jana Oliver has created is interesting and her characters are well developed. Nobody is all good (even Riley and Beck) and nobody is all evil. The characters make choices that could end up damning them.

At points (and I don't have a problem with this) the writing loses its rhythm. In other words, the pace becomes a little chaotic and doesn't flow smoothly. This is just the writer's writing style. And the dialogue (mainly Beck and some of the trappers) is a little too colloquial (that's the only word I can think of for it - basically, they talk with an accent). I don't think that was necessary, and it's really the only thing I didn't like (because it makes Beck sound more ignorant than he is - which may be the point of it) but it doesn't by any means ruin the story.

What I really like about this series is that I don't know where it's going. I don't know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. I don't know what the ultimate plan for Riley and Beck is. I don't know if there's going to be a happy ending. I know what Riley and Beck know - and I keep learning (as do they) that I'm wrong about certain things. That's clever. And it's what makes me keep on reading. I even read the prequel for the third book at the end of Soul Thief - something I NEVER do. What I do know is that Riley and Beck are in serious trouble and they'd better start trusting each other or they're both doomed.

Go forth and buy, people.

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