Saturday, September 3, 2011

Books Read in August 2011...

This has to be the lowest number of books I've ever read in a month. *heavy sigh* It, of course, does not bode well for me considering the number of books I bought this month (ummm...74 *cough* hunh? I didn't say anything....shhh...O-o)

To be fair, I found an AWESOME website that sells books dirt cheap. So, about 25 of those books cost me no more than $1.49!! They're out of Canada, so the shipping is thru UPS and its UPS expensive, but still, for my stack it was $16.95, I think). All in all, it was an amazing deal. And I picked up some books I've been trying to find forever.

And then there was the 50%-60% off at Borders. The rest came from Amazon (13 of them - and I have Amazon Prime, so no shipping cost). So in general, I spent a whole lot less than you might think.

Yes. I'm making excuses. I need therapy. Is there a book lover's anonymous?

Anyway, I read all of 5 books this month, which was a month filled with shopping (apparently), getting kiddo ready for college, parties, and cleaning house.

First up? Basilisk by Rob Thurman - which gets 5 stars! I love so much about Rob's writing style and this book didn't disappoint. Second in her Chimera series, its told from Michael's POV. Michael is...genius, sociopathic (but knows it and tries to compensate), and sneaky. I love his interactions with Stefan, his older brother. Stefan is so patient for a seriously bad-ass dude.

Next is Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour by Olivia Cunningham (3 stars). This was a recommended book that I downloaded on my e-reader. It's not urban fantasy - more, hmmm, erotic smut? Still, there's a nice little storyline there, so that all the sex isn't just that. I actually liked it, and I think I've mentioned before I'm not a big fan of long raunchy sex scenes. The author takes the time to create a connection between the characters (even if the first hookup is a little contrived and cheesy). Sooo, for an e-reader purchase, I enjoyed it enough to be willing to buy more in the Sinners series. (*blushing*) My only advice, don't let your kid pick it up and look at it...and you might not want to read it while they're in the room. I got a little flustered by some of it.

Magic Mourns: A Novella by Ilona Andrews (4 stars) Oh jeez, does this even count as a book? Screw it, I need numbers! What can I say? I love the Magic series. This short story is from an anthology and is about Andrea and Raphael (ooh, I love me some Raphael). I downloaded this one, too, even tho I own the anthology. Definitely worth the money.

Always the Vampire by Nancy Haddock (3 stars) I think this is the book that killed my reading this month. Its the third in her series about a vampire turned tour guide. I'm going to try to be fair about this brief review because I honestly really liked the first two books. This one - well it was not my favorite. I still love the characters, and if there are more in the series I'll definitely buy them. This book lost its way a little, I think. My problem with it was that the story kept getting bogged down by the descriptions of places and people. I felt like it was all filler and very little story, which is disappointing. But because I like the series so much, I felt obliged to slog my way through it. For about 2 (yes, TWO) weeks. Finally, I just said screw it and started skipping chunks to get to the end. I HATE doing that with a book. I feel like I'm not giving it a fair chance to enchant me. But if I'd kept trying to read it, I think I'd still be reading it now.

And last, Another Kind of Dead by Kelly Meding (4 stars) This is also part of a series. And I was torn as to whether it should get 5 stars, but I think I'm sticking with 4 stars. Why? DON'T READ PAST HERE, BECAUSE THERE MIGHT BE A BIT OF A SPOILER!!! Evy takes a lot of abuse in this book. A lot. The torture is difficult to read because she's suffering so much. And a lot of what happens, happens while she's being tortured. She loses huge amounts of time where things happen. I don't like that. I want to know what happens. (Maybe there's going to be a short story to explain it? I dunno.) But it frustrated me a little. OKAY. YOU CAN START READING AGAIN HERE! Still, I love this series. Evy, Wyatt and Phin (who I adore) are great characters. Kismet and her team (I want to know more about them - hmmm maybe there needs to be a breakoff series?) are a nice addition to the storyline. And heck, this book ended with a very serious turn of events. So I most definitely want more.

So....that's it. Sad, hunh? I guess I didn't do much reading at all this month. (I think I missed a book - I was so crazy that for a while there I wasn't keeping my logs...) Right now, I'm reading Succubus Revealed by Richelle Mead, the final book in the Georgina Kincaid story. It's wonderful so far although I'm terribly worried about Georgina making bad choices that could doom her (I don't think she will tho). And I'm loving that Carter is in this one. (I love Carter.) When I'm finished I may blog about this one.

So, over and out. I have some serious reading to do. Serious. Oh my God. How am I supposed to read all those books? ACK!!! (Need caffeine and 72 hours in each day.)

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