Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Succubus Revealed by Richelle Mead - 6 Glittering Stars

Succubus Revealed is the last book in Georgina Kincaid's story by Richelle Mead. Its no secret that I have deep and probably abnormal love for this series. Georgina is an amazing character - a succubus who regrets the deal she made to become one, in love with a man she can never have because...well, she's a succubus.

So, the first book opens with Georgina working at a bookstore. She's obsessed with a particular author who's books she loves, Seth Mortensen. He's coming into the bookstore to sign books and give a reading. She strikes up a conversation with a man and makes a total idiot of herself only to find out the man is Seth Mortensen. What follows is an epic love story with two terribly flawed characters who keep making horribly hurtful mistakes.

I love all the characters in this series from Hugh (an imp) to Peter and Cody (vampires) to Jerome (demon) to Carter (my very favorite of all the characters and an angel) to Roman (nephilim) to Tawny (succubus extraordinaire) to Doug, Maddie, and all the Mortensens - its just a wonderful tale. I do have to say that Georgina, being a succubus, has to perform sex acts to harvest souls, so there's some pretty graphic sex scenes in these books. But what Richelle does so incredibly well is that she gives you the emotion first and foremost. You know that this sex is meaningless and degrading and Georgina doesn't enjoy it even as she gets something from it. And then there are the moments with Seth, where she loves him so much that getting a succubus high from it is excrutiatingly emotionally devastating. You see the contrast. You feel the difference. It's heartbreaking.

I'm not giving too much away, I hope. This last book deals with the aftermath of Succubus Shadows and Georgina's struggle to find happiness. Carter (did I say I adore him? lol) makes a number of appearances in this book. Because Hell isn't happy with Georgina - she hopes, she dreams, she strives to make people around her happy - and that's not what demonic beings are supposed to do. And Carter? Well, he wants to see her find happiness, but he's not allowed to help out (angel rules) as much as he might want to. (Plus, there seems to be a problem with Georgina's succubus contract...or is it someone else's contract? hmmm)

I will tell you one secret...for several of the books, I HATED Seth. If you've read the series, you probably know why. He made me so mad, I wanted to pop him in the nose! I kept rooting for Carter to fall from grace or for Roman and Georgina to get together. But in the end, she wants Seth, so who am I to argue?

So, will she get her happy ever after? I'm not telling. But I give this book a resounding 6 stars, a number reserved only for the best of the best. I wish these books were hardcover (I have the trade paperbacks & e-books), because I know I'll read them all again and again. I'm worried I'm going to destroy them. (After finishing this book, I carried it around with me for the rest of the day and periodically hugged it - it was that good.) I know most people recognize Richelle by her Vampire Academy books, but truth is Georgina blows those books out of the water. This series is a satisfying, touching story of love against all odds.

(My one warning here is these are books that have sex in them which has a lot of emotion attached to it - negative emotion in some cases. If you're under 16, you need to understand the difference between lust, meaningless sex and love, and how that distinction can change the act of sex before you read them - just sayin').

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