Sunday, September 4, 2011

So cool!!! I'm part of Duck Nation!

So I had the neatest little surprise this morning when I got up. I checked my twitter (I follow a lot of authors, some Supernatural tv show people & a few family members) and discovered a tweet to ME! It read as follows:

If anyone knows Karen from Bridgewater, please let her know that her duck now resides on our exec producer's office desk, he stole it ... lol

My sis, who saw the tweet last night had already tweeted him back, but of course, I did as well this morning because....well because its freaking cool!

See, Clif, (aka bodyguard4jandj) decided to ask fans to send ducks to the Supernatural set. Not real live ducks (I hope no one did that!), but rubber ducks. They're calling the collection of ducks "Duck Nation". I thought it was a really clever idea, and since I was still high on my trip to the Supernatural Tour, I hurried out to find me some ducks.

Can I give a shout out to Newbury Comics, who have the best selection of rubber ducks this side of heaven?

Anyway, I bought 3 ducks. The first was a little cowboy duck - the reason behind it, at the convention Jared was talking about wanting to do a western episode and joking about how he looks in a cowboy hat. So, I had to include that one.

The second duck was a red devil duck. Yes, I know, the odds were they were going to get a billion of those. So this is what I did... I got out my trusty sharpee pen and drew all over it. I made the wings angel wings. I gave it a moustache and bigger eyebrows. I decorated the head. I wrote "I (heart) Supernatural" on its breast. I drew Dean's necklace around it's neck, put the Impala's license plate on its ass and added my two favorite quotes to its body ("Man, you fugly!" and "I lost my shoe.")

It was a mess - lol - so on the bottom, I wrote something to the effect that its really hard to write on a rubber duck. Which, by the way, unless you're a gifted artist - it is.

But that's not all - I found a 3rd duck. A Red Sox duck! It was so freaking awesome, I had to get it. On the bottom, I wrote that we loved having the guys visit Boston and hoped they'd be back next year. Then I packed the three ducks up and shipped them off - in of all things, a duck mail box (seriously, there was a picture on the box with a duck delivering mail - how perfect is that?!)

A lot of fans took pictures of their ducks. They've been posting them online. I was a total dumbass and in my excitement to get my ducks off, neglected to do that. But Clif has been posting pictures of some of the unique ducks that have arrived as well as daily group photos. As expected, there were a lot of red devil ducks and there were plenty of cowboy ducks....but every day I looked and I didn't see my ducks. I figured the red devil duck would be hard to miss in a picture because its crazy bad (and I don't mean bad in a good way - my artwork was .... let's just say ... kindergarten art). Nothing. I was beginning to worry that maybe they got held up at customs, but then I saw the tweet!

Not only did my ducks make it, but one of them now resides in the exec. producer's office! How freaking awesomely cool is that?! (Okay, I have no life. My husband and son were like "meh...and?...") I'm hopping around and laughing like I just won the lottery. I'm assuming its the Red Sox duck, although maybe he found my devil duck a magnificent piece of art. (I highly doubt that, but hey, stranger things have happened.) So go Red Sox! And rock on Duck Nation!!

Thanks for the tweet mention Clif...

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