Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why I Love the Foo Fighters (or Dave Grohl can I be your love slave?)

Got your attention, didn't I?

Actually, this post isn't really about being Dave Grohl's love slave. Although, I don't think I'd kick him out of bed with both feet (to coin a phrase my friends and I used back in the day).  I mean, come on. Look at the man....and the way he sings. God....

Annnyway...Back to the reason for this post. The Foo Fighters did something amazing the other day. They took a stand against bigotry, prejudice and hate. See, there's this hate group that sells themselves as a religion who use grieving families and tragic death to promote their words of hate. I'm not going to name them. They don't deserve to be named. Suffice it to say that their message is not only disturbing but downright evil. And they use their own children to help spread it.

I'm positive that God, if He's sitting out there somewhere judging us, does NOT condemn people for loving whomever they choose be it a man loving a man or a woman loving a woman. Love and acceptance  is what we're supposed to strive toward. I also believe that He wouldn't be too thrilled with a group that hates so viciously and spreads that hate in the most heinous and evil way possible.

So, back to why I'm writing this, the Foo Fighters recently premiered a song and this hate group took offense to it. They decided to picket the Foo Fighters concert. The Foo Fighters could have ignored it. The courts have certainly ignored these people and even ruled that they can do what they do because it's freedom of speech. But being the amazingly awesome human beings that they are, the band decided to perform their song in an impromtu protest of their own. Yes, they showed up on a flatbed truck and sang the song to the hate group to the cheers of the crowd that was there to enjoy the real concert. Is that just the most awesome thing you've ever heard? For that classy, totally brilliant move I can honestly say I love the Foo Fighters more than I ever did (and since they're my favorite band - and I listen to their music almost obsessively - that's saying something). 

Bravo, guys. You make us all proud as human beings.

(okay, I admit - if I wasn't a 48 yr. old married woman, I really would like to be Dave Grohl's love slave)

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