Friday, September 2, 2011

The Good The Bad and the Ugly...

The good news: at some point today I will be putting up a book blog about what I read this month.
The bad news: it was another slow month.

The bad news: thanks to Hurricane Irene (I will never ever EVER pray that a storm hits us again) we had no power from Sun. at 10:38 am to Tues. at 11:23 pm. Some people in town still don't have power.
The good news: we have power, cable, internet and phone service!
The ugly: lost everything in fridge/freezer, kid went a little mental without computers (withdrawal is a bitch).

The good news: kid got notice he is accepted to college as a commuting freshman late monday evening.
The bad news: there was a computer glitch (or a hack) that messed up all the late enrollments & registered them for testing/orientation at non-existing times. 
The ugly: he missed orientation, without orientation he can't register for classes, registration is over so he must now do add/drop first week of school which begins sept. 7th, BUT he can't do that without orientation either, welcome week starts sunday BUT he can't attend that without orientation, and he can't attend school without welcome week, and ..... suffice it to say, I called the president of the college this morning (who had no idea any of this was going on) and we finally got some action BUT still haven't talked to a human being who can resolve anything.

The ugly: stress and aspergers do not mix well.
The good: I have a cold 12-pack of beer in my fridge. lol

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