Sunday, November 6, 2011

Angel Town by Lilith Saintcrow (oh soooo good!)

Angel Town is the final book in Lilith's Jill Kismet series. Can I say it was a powerful, satisfying end to Jill's story? Good. Because I have serious love for Lilith Saintcrow. She can create worlds that I'm able to lose myself in. In fact, I've been known to tell my yakking husband to shut the fuck up when I'm reading one of her books. I'd never say that to my son - however, I have been known to take her books into the bathroom, lock myself in, sit on the floor and read so that I can enjoy them without interruption. (It's the ONLY place I'm allowed any privacy. :p)

Soooo, Angel Town ... How can I describe it? Maybe some of the grittiest, darkest, most graphically satisfying tumble of words I've ever had the pleasure to read. That might MIGHT come close to describing how visual this book is. Jill is, as usual, a total mess. Actually, in this book (if you've read Heaven's Spite, you'll know why) she's pretty much a disaster area. She's lost, she's confused and she's hurting. And freaking Perry - OMG - he's a sadistic evil monster - does his evil best to use her. Thank God for Saul - and Jill's love for him - even if he's a total mess, too. He's the one thing she has to cling to. And can I say, I was clinging to him, too? Because I wasn't sure how this book was going to end. You NEVER know with Lilith - Dante Valentine didn't end up so well. (That was probably the most haunting series I've ever read. It still weighs on me.)

I'm not going to share much about this book. Let's just say things move at a rapid pace and the end is very satisfying.

Now, about writing styles. I'm a huge fan of dark fantasy (I'm a dark kind of girl) and Lilith Saintcrow knows not only how to deliver ... she knows how to deliver with a breath-catching in-your-face brilliance that I don't think is matched by any other author I've read. Her characters are so emotionally charged, they come to life on the pages. I not only understand them, I can feel them. Her worlds are amazingly well thought out and flawlessly delivered. And her writing style? It's visual. Each word, each phrase is chosen with such care that it's like poetry to my emo soul. And Angel Town may be her best book yet.

Thank you Lilith for delivering another wonderful, beautiful, dark tale of life, despair, hope, redemption and love.

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