Saturday, January 21, 2012

Book Buying & Reading Binges

Is it wrong that I want to lock myself in a room and read?

I've been a busy girl this month, which is why my posts are few and far between. My kid & I are busy organizing my craft room.The goal is to get it completely organized and labeled so that I can find anything I need so that I can start selling on Etsy. He (the kiddo) has decided not to pursue computer programming & instead is pursuing an art degree, so he has an ulterior motive in helping me. O-o

He's a creative kid and wants to make sculptures - metal, stone and or clay. I'm floored and impressed.

Oh, and he made the Dean's List. I'll be attending an award banquet for first year students who made the list in February. It's kind of a big deal. And I'm super proud. (From a tenth grade drop out to a 3.75 GPA Freshman in less than a year...) And he wasn't taking easy courses. O-O

I've also been running about shopping for new furniture. Both of my couches are stabbing our asses (broken springs), the fabric is literally falling apart .... not to mention they smell like dog. :p

And I've been reading like a fiend. I finished Rachel Vincent's Stray series, which I absolutely loved! Overall, it gets 5 stars - with Prey and Shift getting 6 stars for their angst deliciousness. The characters are fantastic - I loved every last one of them. The world is amazingly well-thought-out. Each book builds on the last and leads to the end game in the final book, which is both nerve-wracking and intensely satisfying. Awesome. :D

Now, I'm thoroughly engrossed in Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep. Another excellent book. (But, of course it is, because its Jennifer Estep!) I love that it feels like a modern teenager talking. And I can't wait to see where it goes, cause spartans and gods and shit? Its not the same old-same old, you know? :)

In addition, I went on a major shopping spree on ($1.49 books...hello?!?), and took kiddo in to Boston to Brattle Book Store - which is massively awesomely cool. I bought a copy of Shakespeare from the 1870s, a copy of french poetry by Victor Hugo from 1841, and two children's books from the 50's - gifts for my sisters. Kid bought a 10 book library of Tennyson (he spent $100 of his birthday money on it!) and some Japanese books. He's loving them!

So...that's all, I guess. Hubs is almost done with dinner. (He's the cook in the house.) Update completed. Now back to reading until I get to eat. (Flank steak ... yum.)

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