Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Mortal Bone by Marjorie M. Liu

I think in order to talk about this book, I have to talk about the series. There's really no other series out there like it that I know of. And I think that people probably either love it (like me) or get a little squeeged out by it. All I can say is Marjorie M. Liu is a freaking genius with words.

The story revolves around Maxine Kiss, a demon hunter. Maxine is covered with tattoos, but they're not ordinary tattoos - they're demons that are bound to Maxine during the day. At night, they peel away from her skin and help her hunt. Maxine calls them her boys - and they're really the only friends she has, at least in the beginning of the series. But that's not even touching the intricate way that she's joined with them, or what they mean to her. And what she means to them.

In the first book, Maxine meets Grant - a former priest who has used his family's wealth to create a homeless shelter where he tries to heal demons with music. This goes against everything that Maxine knows. Yet they connect as kindred spirits, accepting each other's oddness. That turns into something so much deeper and more powerful, which will either save them or destroy them.

This series is dark. It's poetic. It's filled with choices and chances and mistakes and loss. The way it's written is almost painfully beautiful. I know that sounds nuts, but its the truth. Its one of those books where I find myself forgetting to breathe. I have to put it down to absorb passages and will go back to read them again - not because I didn't understand them, but because they make me feel what the characters are feeling deeply. God, I love that.

If you like books full of darkness, death, frightening visuals, beauty, hope, love and overwhelming sadness, this book - well, this entire series - is one you'll want to own. You'll be haunted by Maxine, Grant, Zee and the rest of the boys. Make sure to block out time because you're not going to want to separate from them.

Plus the cover art is amazing. :D Now, please excuse me while I go back and read the last chapter again. (6 soul stealing, life affirming, emotionally draining stars)

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