Friday, January 27, 2012

Having a Little Geek Girl Moment

So, as a certified geek (I'm not ashamed or embarrassed by it - I'd rather be a geek than an asshat) I'm  having a geek girl squee moment. Why? Well, if you don't know, I also use twitter under the name UnseelieMe. I follow a few authors, the bloggess, my son (who NEVER tweets), and a few other people. I also have 16 followers. (Okay, I know its weird to be proud of that - but as a SAHM of a teenager, who hasn't held a job in 18 years, its the closest thing I have to friends). No violins, please. I'm quite okay with it most of the time.

Aaanyway, my most recent follower is @CleverIsCool - Bullying Bullying. That alone makes me proud because I feel like part of the reason I'm here on this earth is to let people know that bullying people because they're different than you is NOT acceptable. But that's not even the coolest part. See, I decided to check & find out who this tweeterer is ... and his name is Edson Hendricks. I guarantee you don't know who he is but I do. See, I have an aspie computer geek son (who is absolutely going to flip when I tell him who's following me). Edson is the person who developed the software that created the internet!! Holy f-ing shit! It's like being followed by God or something. Well, the god of computer lovers everywhere.

I can't wait for the kid to get home.

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