Thursday, February 23, 2012

OMG I Haven't Posted In Days!! New/Upcoming Releases

Books are to blame for it. I've been reading.Voraciously reading. Consuming books like they were candy (which in a way - to me - they are).

But I thought I'd take a moment because there are a boatload BOATLOAD of books coming out (or already out) that I MUST HAVE! (Give me more candy, Mr. Book God!)

Here's a list of the awesomeness that is the time period between Feb. 1 & Mar. 6:

Already out in Feb. (ie. - books that I've already purchased)

A Perfect Blood - Kim Harrison
Fire Works in the Hamptons - Celia Jerome
Shadow Ops - Myke Cole
Unbroken - Rachel Caine (Read it! Awesome!!)
Alpha Instinct - Katie Reus
Almost Everything - Tate Hallaway (Read it! Again, awesome!)
Apocalypse to Go - Katherine Kerr
Blood and Bullets - James Tuck
Switched - Amanda Hocking
Diabolical - Cynthia Leitich Smith
A Little Night Magic - Lucy March
The Wood Queen - Karen Mahoney
Overbite - Meg Cabot
River Marked - Patricia Briggs (Read it! Super awesome!)
Raven Cursed - Faith Hunter (Read it! Yes, awesome again!)
Undone Deeds - Mark del Franco
Wrong Side of Dead - Kelly Meding (Read it! Awesome!! - are you sensing a theme yet?)
Burned - J.F. Lewis
Frozen - Robin Wasserman
Third Grave Dead Ahead - Darynda Jones
Destiny and Deception - Shannon Delany
Sadie Walker is Stranded - Madeleine Roux
A Demon Does it Better - Linda Wisdom
Silver Tongued Devil - Jaye Wells
Raven Calls - C.E. Murphy (Reading it now. So far - Awesome!)

Feb. 28 (ie. - more books that I've already purchased, but have not arrived yet.)

How to Be Death - Amber Benson
Curses! a F**cked Up Fairytale - J.A. Kazimer
A Sliver of Shadow - Alison Pang
Angel's Flight - Nalini Singh
Fated - Benedict Jacka
Torn - Amanda Hocking
Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors - Molly Harper
Black Howl - Christina Henry
By a Thread - Jennifer Estep
Touchstone - Melanie Rawn

Mar. 6 (ie. - books I will be ordering next week)

Fair Game - Patricia Briggs
Oracle's Moon - Thea Harrison
Discount Armageddon - Seanan McGuire
Doubletake - Rob Thurman
The Drowning Girl - Caitlinn Kiernan
Eventide - Elle Jasper
Darkness Undone - Jessica Slade
Nightborn - Lynn Viehl
Balthazar - Claudia Gray
Soul Bound - Mari Mancusi
The Modern Fae's Guide to Surviving Humanity - anthology

Yeah, yeah, I know. More books than I can possibly read. But I'm invested in these damn series! I have to read them. HAVE TO. I can't NOT read them. I just need more time in the day. Crap.)And I'm sure I've missed more than a few releases on this list...., off to read some more...
Karen ;)


  1. Hi Karen:

    Thank you for buying CURSES! I hope you like it.


    j.a. kazimer

  2. How could I NOT buy it with that title?! It cracked me up. And then I read the blurb and had to own it. :D

  3. Just think how much time we would have to read if we didn't have to do stuff like sleep or eat....