Friday, February 10, 2012

Things I've Noticed About Urban Fantasy Covers

Okay, I'm trapped in my house and I'm feeling a bit like a caged werewolf. Yeah, not good. So, in a desperate attempt to amuse myself...

Things I've Noticed About Urban Fantasy Covers

1. The heroines like leather - black leather - even when they live in warm areas where leather clothing would make your nether regions chafe from it. They're some seriously tough girls.

2. If they're not dressed in leather, they're wearing outfits that no sane woman would fight in. High heels, dresses with slits up the side or mini skirts and bra tops.

3. When men are on the cover of books, they're often studying their own dick. Why? I don't know. But a vast majority are gazing down at the little guy with a distrusting expression like they're thinking "Hey! Just who are you and what are you up to?"

4. Those same men are often shirtless and have six pack abs that are impossibly perfect.

5. Book titles are almost all one or two words long. Those that are longer are usually part of a series and  have a theme. (ie. the Clint Eastwood movie twists from Kim Harrison)

6. There are a lot of tribal tattoos, chains and studded belts.

7. Black is the most common backdrop color, purple seems to be the second most common color, followed by white.

8. Typefaces are mostly blocky - and if not, they're old world types.

9. The most common weapon seems to be a sword, followed by a knife. Guns are far less common. Unless they're a guy. Or you count teeth as a weapon (which kind of makes sense).

10. Everyone looks like they just got laid & they're mildly pissed about it.


1. Supernatural
2. Grimm
3. The River (very interesting first episode actually made me jump!)
4. The Walking Dead (well, okay, this one starts in a couple of days...)
5. Once Upon A Time
6. Ghost Hunters
7. The Vampire Diaries
8. Lost Girl
9. Gold Rush
10. Storage Wars
11. Being Human (british version - Sorry. It's better than the American version.)
12. Hardcore Pawn
13. Pawn Stars
14. American Pickers
15. Face Off

Where is Haven?? Where is Deadliest Catch?? I want!!!

Finally, a quick update. Aspergers is a bitch sometimes. Kiddo is currently taking time off from college - he may or may not go back next semester. Socialization with peers is such a challenge, and when you're a 17 yr. old who went anything but the ordinary route (and are behind in many ways socially) trying to fit into the college world is difficult at best and impossible at worst. We're in the impossible stage. **sigh**

That's all. This is a really weird post. (The internet is my only connection to the real world right now, which is just plain scary, but explains my ramblings.)

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