Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wrong Side of Dead by Kelly Meding

I'm currently on page 148 (the beginning of chapter 11) of The Wrong Side of Dead by Kelly Meding and I just had to blog about it.

If you've never read her series about Evy Stone, I highly recommend it. I joke about talking to my books, but the truth is I seriously do it. In fact, when a book is as good as this, I curse at them. I freak out when bad things happen & yell at them. I have to put them down because I get so wrapped up in the characters that they get to me emotionally.

Evy, the main character, has been through hell in the last few books. (Last book was a difficult book to read because she suffered so much.) In WSofD, Evy is dealing with the aftermath of that. I feel like crying for her. I'm pissed at Wyatt for being such an ass. I want to kick him in the ... well, never mind. If he truly loved her, he wouldn't put her through this. And Evy - she deserves a break. She deserves peace. I don't know how she keeps going with the weight she carries. It's painful.

That's why I LOVE this book. I started it this morning & I'm probably going to finish it before I go to bed tonight because I can't put it down. Yes, I have had to take emo breaks from it, but I've carried it around with me while I did. (Yes, I know that's weird. lol) That's how much I love this story.

(And I have a massive crush on Phin. Just had to say. He's so beautiful.)
(And Kelly Meding is a story telling genius - just sayin'.)

Just call me a book dork. I can accept that. But go out and invest in this series. You won't be disappointed.

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