Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Books Glorious Books

Yesterday my most recent book purchases arrived in the mail. Woooot! But I had a problem - which book to read. It was horrible. Stacia Kane's Sacrificial Magic or Stacey Jay's Blood on the Bayou. Both have strong female characters with serious issues. Both have angst and action. And I know both of them are going to knock my socks off.

I carried the books around with me from dinner time to bed time and I couldn't read either because I was so excited at the opportunity to read them, I couldn't make a decision which to read first. Is that ridiculous or what?

This morning I got up and did it again. I'm chalking it up to extreme stress from other factors in my life. But finally I broke down and started Sacrificial Magic. And still, I feel almost guilty about making Blood on the Bayou wait. (Yes, I am weird.)

But I love LOVE Chessie, Terrible, Lex and Bump. I love the language in this book - the way the characters talk as well as the descriptive ability of Stacia Kane which makes the world come to life. Chess is such an incredibly complex character. And Terrible? Well, lets just say he's just incredible. Not a pansy-ass, pretty boy with fancy pants muscles. No. He's hard and dangerous and not exactly a good guy. And it makes him all the more powerful of a love interest, because he should be scary (and he kind of is) but he's also so accepting of Chess and her faults it makes you want to weep.

If you haven't read this series, you absolutely have to right now! And while you're at it, you should also buy Stacey Jay's series, too. Cause, seriously folks, these books are amazing. Now, I'm going to go read until I've finished both books. I might throw some tweets up (non-spoiler) as I read just for fun, tho.


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