Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Curses! A F***ed Up Fairy Tale by J.A. Kazimer

Oh my God! This book has had me giggling all the way through!

It starts out with Cinderella getting run over by a bus after chasing a bluebird into the street. The hero is actually a villain (RJ) who has been cursed to be nice. Cinderella's ugly stepsister (Asia) asks for his help to find out who killed her & RJ can't not help because of his curse. What ensues is over-the-top hilarity with a good, solid storyline behind it. Its been a nice break from my preferred reading of doom & gloom emo urban fantasy books. Why? Because in its own funny way, its a little emo itself. A girl has to love that.

The other reason I love this book? Well, the first story I ever wrote was called Snoozing Woozy and the Seven Little Pygmies - yes, a fairy tale with a twist. Woozy was narcoleptic. And the pygmies were filthy, nasty little men who ran around in loin cloths with poisoned spears. The prince was a wimp and Woozy saved the day. I love taking fairy tales and twisting them up into something ridiculous and entertaining. J.A. Kazimer has excelled at this.

So, if you're looking for something different - something fun and silly, but with heart - for goodness sake, go buy this book. You'll be giggling your way through it with me.

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