Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Contest For Doubletake...

Just a little FYI....

Adrian Phoenix (who is one of my favorite authors - her main character Dante from her Maker Song series is by and far my FAVORITE character of all time) is having a contest. She's offering up 3 copies of Rob Thurman's Doubletake, the latest in the Cal Leandros series. For those who don't know either of these wonderful authors ... what the hell?!? You can't possibly NOT read their books. You should OWN them. You should have them on your shelves in a perfectly positioned, eye-level spot. You should have them on your e-readers. You should maybe sleep with them hugged to your chest. (Okay, maybe I'm taking that a little far...but ohh man, I dare you not to drool over these badass, wonderful characters.)

So, what are you waiting for? Go. Put your name in for the giveaway (even if it means I have less of a chance of winning...sigh) at

And don't forget to check out Adrian Phoenix's Maker Song and Hoodoo series AND Rob Thurman's Chimera and Trickster series, too. They're some of the best UF reading you'll find.

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