Tuesday, October 2, 2012

After the Crux by Dani Worth

This is a short e-read and in all honesty I wanted it to be longer! I'm giving it 4 stars, but I was leaning toward 5 stars. In the end, the shortness of it gets it the 4 stars, but I definitely recommend it.

Ross, the main character is one of a group of survivors of a plague. They live together in a communal like setting. He's secretly in love with Jenna,  a girl who he saved when they were kids. Jenna, however, is with Dorian who he also saved. Jenna and Dorian both love Ross and they decide its time for him to come to terms with not only what he's feeling for Jenna, but what he's pretending he doesn't feel about Dorian.

And then Ross is injured rescuing a boy from an abusive group when he's out on a supply gathering mission...With him incapacitated, Jenna and Dorian are presented the perfect opportunity to set their plan to seduce him in motion.

Now, I love to vent about sex in books, because most of the time its unnecessary or over the top. And you'd think this scenario would throw me for a loop because its not just male/female, its male/male. But here's the thing - it was kind of beautiful. The characters are well written and sympathetic and I just wanted them all to be happy. It was also integral to the story and very well written.

So, this book is more than a love story. It's about survival and hope. There is a plot other than the romance. And its all far far too short. I loved it.

And hell, its only $2.66 right now on Amazon. Now, go and buy!

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