Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wherein I Fail & Offer Up A Book

As you can see my resolve to blog every day is a total fail! And sadly, I'm not going to review a book tonight either. I swear my life is like a bad country music song.


Yesterday I received an Amazon book delivery. And damn if I didn't order the same book twice! I can't even figure out how I managed it. I guess I'll just chalk it up to a brain glitch. So here's the deal...

The book is London Eye by Tim Lebbon
It's a young adult dystopian urban fantasy - here's the blurb on it.

Two years after London is struck by a devastating terrorist attack, it is cut off from the world, protected by a military force known as Choppers. The rest of Britain believes that the city is now a toxic, uninhabited wasteland.
But Jack and his friends—some of whom lost family on what has become known as Doomsday—know that the reality is very different. At great risk, they have been gathering evidence about what is really happening in London—and it is incredible.
Because the handful of London's survivors are changing. Developing strange, fantastic powers. Evolving.
Upon discovering that his mother is still alive inside London, Jack, his sister, and their three friends sneak into a city in ruins. Vast swathes have been bombed flat. Choppers cruise the streets, looking for survivors to experiment upon. The toxic city is filled with wonders and dangers that will challenge Jack and his friends... and perhaps kill them. But Jack knows that the truth must be revealed to the outside world or every survivor will die.

Sounds good, doesn't it? So how do you get me to send you my duplicate hardcover book? 

Post a comment. Tell me about your favorite Halloween costume. Mine is the witch costume I'm wearing in this picture. My mother painstakingly created every costume that my sisters and I wore over the years. Until I had a kid (and yes, I made every one of his costumes, too) I didn't truly appreciate the amount of work she put into Halloween for us (thanks Mom).

If you don't want to talk costumes, tell me your favorite Halloween candy. (Mine is anything chocolate. lol) Or hell, just say hello.

I'll talk books tomorrow.

And I'll draw the winner from a hat (cause lets face it, I won't have that many entries) on Halloween!

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