Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it SNOW!!!

My power is on. My power is oooon!! Wooooot!!

There are thing you know when you live in New England. When they predict a major snowstorm you should make sure:

(a) you have excess batteries for everything
(b) you have water and dry foods like Frosted Flakes
(c) your grill has gas for cooking
(d) all of your electronics are fully charged
(e) your laundry is done
(f) you have one shovel INSIDE
(g) that every faucet is dripping, so the pipes don't freeze
(h) your snowblower has gas & is working (bad husband, did not do this - dig dig husband dig dig)

We lost power at 4 am last night. And got it back 10 1/2 hours later. By the time it kicked back on the house was a chilly 57 degrees. Yay us. We're on the older power grid that they got up and running. Because the 20,000 other people in our town may not have power until FRIDAY!

When I ran out to get the mail (yes, the mail lady delivered & actually running involved preparing with multiple layers of warm clothes & big ass kicking winter boots - 'cause its still snowing & it's freaking cold out there), trudged through snow that was knee deep, heavy & wet, climbed the snow pile at the edge of the road and had to jump down 4 1/2 FEET (yes, feet!) into the road. Um, eek?! I had to chisel footholds and climb to get back over it. I do not like my rural mailbox.

And I just have to say, a techno-savvy kid who's addicted to his computer & electronics? NOT fun to be around when there's no ready source of recharging. lol.

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