Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm on page 366 of Shadowfever, the final installment in Karen Marie Moning's Fever series. I started it yesterday at noon. (Read from 12-4, 10-12 last night & 8-1 today.) At this rate, I'll easily be finished sometime tonight. I am forcing FORCING myself to take a break!

Can I say WOW?!

How do I talk about a series without giving away a single detail? I honestly think this is one of those rare series where even giving up the smallest detail is a sin. These books have been carefully laid out from the first sentence of Darkfever to lead to this last book (and I'm sure the last page of Shadowfever). Each piece laid like giant ever-changing puzzle with unique pieces that don't seem to go together until you set them in place and say 'Aaah. Of course! That makes sense.' And then the puzzle shifts and you realize that you're wrong once again. They are all now falling into place, one after another, to create a breathtaking thing of beauty.

MacKayla (Mac) is a vapid, seriously dislikeable fru fru girl at the start. A sunny ridiculous little thing whose world is brought to a complete standstill by the death of her sister. And when she kick starts it again (by going to Ireland to solve her sister's murder), she is forced to grow up. Because her pretty little sunshine and candy cane world is a very very dark place and not at all what she thought it was. And with each horrific step into the darkness, she grows and evolves.

At the center of it all is Jericho Barrons (okay, at this point, I have to say Barrons is the ultimate fuck-me-please male character). He's ruthless, sensual, overbearing, sexy and holy hell - I can't get enough of him. But he's not what he seems. (Then again, no one is.)

And that's all I'm going to say about this series. Because you have to read it to understand. The words flow like water from beginning. Karen Marie Moning is a masterful story teller. Secrets are woven into each piece of the story, hints of what's to come, but done with such clever mastery that it isn't until later you realize the importance of it. God, I love it.

So, get thee to a bookstore. Invest in this series. I kid you not - I own it in e-Reader, paperback and hardcover form. Paperback for general reading. Hardcover because I want that permanent undamaged copy (the paperbacks are looking a little beat). And e-Reader because I can now carry the entire series with me everywhere I go to read passages at my leisure. Its that F*ing phenomenal.

Now, excuse me while I go read.

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