Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Wow. Two posts in one day.

This one's important.


There are 6 Borders within 40 minutes of me - Attleboro, Mansfield, Wareham, Braintree, Dedham and Kingston. That doesn't take into account the Borders Expresses (there are 4 of those). I frequent all of them, some more than others because they're bigger. Yes, I have the Borders Rewards Plus card because of the sheer amount of books my family reads. I have a teen manga junkie & Borders has the best selection...or they did. Until they stopped paying their bills.

There are 2 Barnes & Nobles within 40 mins. of me - Braintree and Hingham. The Hingham store is closest and bigger than most of the Borders (with the exception of Attleboro and Dedham). I occasionally drive to the B&N in Burlington, which is the 4th biggest bookstore in the country - but its over an hour's drive without traffic. Can I say I'm not a big fan of B&N?

I prefer to shop at Borders. Why? I don't know. The people? The atmosphere? I just like their store better even tho up until recently I paid more for books there (the Plus Program made it about equal.)

Yesterday Karen Marie Moning's Shadowfever was released. I couldn't get to a bookstore between running to the registry, grocery shopping and my son's tutoring. In fact, the rest of the week is a series of days where I'll be running from place to place with my son. This morning, though, I had a small window of time - an hour - to run out and get the book. Time enough to run to Borders (I also wanted several other books that have been released since the 4th including My Soul to Steal/Rachel Vincent, Unearthly/Cynthia Hand, Taken by the Others/Jess Haynes, A Brush of Darkness/Allison Pang, Pack of Lies/Laura Anne Gilman & Allison Hewitt is Trapped/Madeleine Roux). So, I made the 20 min. (because I was doing 80 on the highway - its really more like 30 mins.) drive to the nearest Borders only to discover THEY DON'T HAVE SHADOWFEVER! WTF!?!! In fact, they don't have any of the new releases for this month. NONE of the Borders around me have them. WHY? Because Borders doesn't pay its F*ING bills!

PAY YOUR F*ING BILLS BORDERS! (Yes, I'm seriously shouting this. I'm a book junkie unable to get my fix. What do you expect?!)

So, a little over an hour later, I'm back home with 1 1/2 gallons of gas less in the car (Hello? that's $4.50 worth of freaking gas!) and NO BOOKS. And I am PISSED.

I want my damn books. Damn it. Sh*t. Motherf*rs.
That's all. Rant over. I'm shopping at Barnes & Noble until Borders gets its act together...

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