Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011...Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Happy New Year everyone!

Well, I can't say I'm sad to see 2011 go. It's been a tumultuous year for me. In the short span of 365 days, my son turned 16, dropped out of high school, enrolled in community college, got his GED (scored higher than 96% of graduating seniors), got his first job volunteering at a pet shelter, adopted a cat and enrolled in the local university as a full freshman. The kid doesn't have a car, but he has an A in computer, an A in Japanese, an A- in English Comp, a B+ in Communication and a B in Freshman Writing. He started up the computer club only to have the jerks that joined vote him out as president once he had all the grunt work done. Through it all, he's struggled with anxiety, depression and self-worth issues and has had to have his meds adjusted repeatedly.

After being out of work for a year, my husband started a new job and immediately began obsessing about when he'd be laid off again (hasn't happened yet). He's (well we've) dealt with elderly parents who can no longer care for their house and have had several health scares and a brother who underwent quadruple bypass surgery. He's put on 30 lbs. this year from all the stress.

I underwent three separate and unbearably painful dental surgeries, got myself on anti-depressants (can I say I'm a much more balanced person with them? lol), gave up more freedom to drive my son to classes (spring semester is carefully scheduled so that I don't have to spend hours in the car) and resigned myself to the fact that I'll probably never work a real job again. I've also dealt with my father having several very very scary medical emergencies.

Like I said, tumultuous. Thank God for books. They've kept me sane and allowed me to escape. (Well, the prozac might have helped with that, too.


Now I'm kicking back with a Dogfish Head Brown Ale, reading Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead, while Pineapple Express plays on the television (LOVE that movie - its sooo ridiculous) and kicking 2011 out the door with a laugh. I survived and that's good enough for me.

Hope all of you have a wonderful New Year, too. Bring it on, 2012!

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