Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Basilisk by Rob Thurman

As usual, I loved this book. I love anything by Rob. She's a smart writer. I love her pop references. I love that she does first person POV but only allows that character to share what they want. I love that she keeps me guessing. And in the end, I have these "Damn, how did I miss that?" moments that make me smile. Because she gets me every single time - with every book.

In Basilisk, we get the world from Michael's (aka Lukas aka Misha) POV. Chimera, the first book in the series is from Stefan's POV. Stefan is mob, an enforcer, and a total badass who kills with remorse. Michael? Well Michael is a devious, sociopathic, badass who refuses to kill because it would be too easy to continue killing. He's damaged, he's thoughtful, he's loyal....and he's so freaking brilliant it makes your head spin.

Basilisk takes place 3 years after Chimera. Michael and Stefan have had time to settle into familiarity with each other. They've created a place to call home. That all ends with the arrival of The Institute's people. It sends them into a spiraling race to survive, as well as save/rescue the other kids Michael left behind. There are twists, turns, surprises, and bonding moments punctuated throughout an action-packed, fast paced story that will have you tied up in knots.

And that's all I'm going to say because Rob might be pissed if I ruin it for you & I'm not going to. You should experience it for yourself. 

Definitely a 5 star read. And I highly recommend it. Then again, I think Rob Thurman's books should be on every UF lover's bookshelf. Hard copies AND digital. And you should probably have backups of the paperbacks for when you wear them out. And, hey, you might want to invest in Chris McGrath's art for your walls to boot. (I bought my sister a Cal Leandros Moonshine poster for her birthday - it was absolutely amazing!)

Okay, I think I'm done. Go forth and buy.

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