Monday, August 22, 2011

Either I'm in a reading slump or....

...the books I'm picking to read aren't all that good.

I'm not going to mention authors. I'm just going to say this - I have a LOT of books on my TBR shelf. A lot! I've picked up half a dozen books from that pile in the last week. I start them. I get about 40-50 pages in and....meh. I can't continue. Some of these are authors that I like. Some are new authors. Some are paperback. Some are e-reader. Regardless, I can't continue them. They....well, to be perfectly frank, they suck.

It's like trying to walk through a muddy bog that sucks your feet down to shin level with each step, dressed in winter ski gear. Jeez.

I'm looking at that damn TBR pile and I want to stick bamboo under my fingernails rather than pick up another book from it. That's just not good.

I don't think its a slump. Because I've read several books this month that had me on the edge of my seat - books I finished in a day or two. So, I'm left to think that a lot of less than stellar new books are floating around out there right now....

...or maybe it is a reading slump.

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