Sunday, August 7, 2011

Supernatural Convention - Boston

Okay, lets see if I can do this....

Heh heh heh....I'm the one in the middle of the Jared Misha sandwich. The one on the side is my sis.

Yes, we totally fangirled out today (is that a word?) and went to the Supernatural Convention. We started off our day by sitting in a room for a few hours while waiting for picture time. Then we did our 20 second pose with Jared and Misha, who are both incredibly good looking in person and extremely nice. Not to mention funny! Sadly, we both went into "can't get a coherent intelligent thing to say" mode. I had all these brilliantly smart things I planned to say - like if Jared said "nice shirt", I was going to say "Thanks. Nice abs." All I managed was a high pitched, breathy "hi". Pathetic.

Annnywayyy, the photo was followed by a Q&A with Jared, and Misha joined him half way through. They had the entire crowd cracking up. Did I say that they're super friendly, funny and down-to-earth? I have video of it, but I have to go through it because the convention does not like video and I got yelled at twice by a guy who might have been a hitman or assassin or something, so I video'd when he wasn't looking and set the camera out of sight (recording my thigh) when he was. Scary bastard. Don't they realize all us older women are taping for our own pleasure.

There were more videos, a trivia game in which sis came in 2nd! (They didn't give her a prize :( She deserved something...) And an auction where one crazy fan paid $1000 for a 4 ft. x 6 ft. poster signed by all the stars that were in attendance. Where do these people get the money? We saw this same woman pay for a photo for herself with the boys ($169!) plus 2 extra photos of just the boys alone. That means she spent at least $1700 for a day of fun - and that's if she only did that photo op. If she did all the others....holy smokes.

The auction was followed by a Q&A with Richard Speight, who plays the trickster aka Gabriel (although he DIED on the show). He was hysterical and very sweet. 

Finally, there was a talk with just Misha - who came out with a nametag that said "Hello. My Name is God." And a jar (which someone had given him) of a pickled hellhound fetus! He didn't answer a single question seriously. I swear, I haven't laughed so much since....god, I don't know when. 

So, that was my adventure of the day. Next year, (they'd better come here again!) we're getting autographs (couldn't afford both) and a photo. Hopefully Jenson will be there next time. (Sis loves him.)

Again, I can't say enough about how nice all the other fans and the stars were (the convention people were a scary? bossy?). We met people from all over and everyone was so happy to be there. There was an entire group of teens in cosplay as the characters. There were even a fair number of men there. And Jared, Misha and Richard went out of their way to make everyone smile. It was a really really good day.


  1. O MY GOSH, I AM SO FREAKING JEALOUS!!!!! And I would have had the same "I can't speak you are SO HOT" reaction. Shoot, I probably wouldn't have had the courage to take the picture.

  2. I was joking with my sister the entire time we stood in line that I was going to grab his ass or ask him to take off his shirt so I could touch his abs....I didn't think I'd freak out like that...until I was staring up into those eyes and he said "Hi" with that cute little smile (and, oh God, the dimple). And then he slid his arm around me & Misha stepped up and put his arm around me on the other side, and...forget it... I was totally gone. I couldn't breathe! *rolling eyes*

  3. Sounds wonderful & memorable! I hope they come next year - I'll definitely go. Did it look like a full house? Being summer, with most of the students away and so many folks on vacation, I wondered if they would draw a crowd.

  4. It was definitely a full house on Sunday. I was trying to figure out roughly how many people were there...Rows went A-T and there were roughly 40 or 50 seats in each row. So...somewhere around 1000? The first rows were for the Gold & Silver people (who paid big $$ for the entire weekend & special events), then there was premiere seating (which I highly recommend). General tickets got whatever seats were left over or stood in the back.

    I'd definitely recommend going if you like the show. Some of the stories they told were hysterical. Jared, for instance, shut down the entire high speed train system in Europe to rescue his wife's bag which he'd forgotten on a platform. (He didn't know it until he'd pulled the switch...) They didn't sit up there like prima donnas, either. They went down into the crowd. And they even stepped over a barrier to give a girl who couldn't have been more than 10 a hug & impromptu picture. I almost crashed into Misha at one point because I was tweeting.

    My sis and I will definitely be going next year.