Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rob Thurman

If you're a huge fan of Rob Thurman, you've probably already heard the news. It's not good. Rob was apparently in an accident sometime last week. She's been in critical condition ever since & has developed pneumonia in both lungs. There is a post from Jayda on Rob's official blog and Lucienne Diver has tweeted that she spoke to Rob's mother. Since these are both reliable sources, it is obviously true.

My stomach is in knots over this. I've blogged about how much I enjoy Rob's books. In addition, I regularly visit her blog. She's a very funny, snarky woman who loves her pets and loves to write. She talks to her fans and has even given us a name - Reavers.

Please, whatever your beliefs, keep Rob in your thoughts and prayers.
(And if you've never read her books, you really should. She is a brilliant writer.)

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