Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stacia Kane's Downside e-books on sale!!!

Quick! While the promotion is on!! You can pick up Unholy Ghosts for 99 cents, Unholy Magic for $4.99 and City of Ghosts for $4.99 on Amazon or B&N. (I recommend Amazon, since B&N is the nemesis of UF lovers like me.)

That means you can pick up all three books (which usually cost $23.97) for $10.97! That's a huge savings.

Stacia's asking fans to spread the word. I've already swung over there & purchased my copies (since I already own them in paperback, I figure they're one of the series I must have on my e-reader for everywhere reading).

 Go. Buy. Chessie, Terrible and Lex are some of my favorite characters. Her books are smart, the world is dark and gritty, the characters are unique and amazingly complex, the storyline is nothing short of brilliant. And I dare you not to love Terrible and lust a little for Lex, right along with messed-up Chessie.

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